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Going green is becoming more and more important everyday. You hear a lot about saving energy and cutting down on air pollution caused from the exhaust of vehicles but you don't hear much about portable devices. Do small everyday electronics have an impact on the planet? The answer is yes although, individually, they don't make much of an impact. However, when you take into consideration how many portable devices are used every day, you can see how together they can create quite an impact.

So what exactly would fall into the category of portable devices? Below is a list of a few small handheld electronics that many people carry around with them everyday:

* Cell phones
* MP3 players
* Digital cameras
* Gameboys
* Palm Pilots

How many of these do you carry around with you each day? These handheld devices need to be re-charged or the batteries need to be replaced regularly in order for the device to continue working. How many old cell phones have ended up in the trash just from your family alone? Should we even mention all those worn out batteries that get discarded each year?

As you can see, portable devices have a large impact on the environment even though they appear to be harmless at first glance. Of course, many of us couldn't do without our cell phones and don't even try to pull a teenager away from their MP3 player or cell phone. So what can be done to lessen the impact of these portable devices? Below are a few suggestions that can help out:

* Before purchasing any handheld device, consider the lifecycle of that device and consider how it can be recycled when it is no longer of value to you.
* Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible.
* Look for the energy star rating for the device you plan to buy to try and find the one that is most energy friendly.
* Unplug the power cord when not recharging the device to eliminate vampire power from wasting energy.
* Try buying used portable devices when it's appropriate and don't trade in your cell phone for a new one each time something different shows up on the market.
* Invest in a small personal charging device that allows you to use solar or wind power to charge your portable devices. These are becoming more popular all the time.

You don't have to avoid using portable devices to lessen the impact they have on the environment, you simply have to use them more responsibility. Think about what changes you can make that will make a difference.

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A burglary happens every 15 seconds in the United States. Most people want to stay safe yet aren't aware of what to do in order to stay secure. The best way to ensure your safety is to get a good home security system. The best systems offer plenty of features and options that homeowners love. You can choose the features you want to make the system affordable for you. Everyone can enjoy peace of mind no mater where they live when they get a new home security system installed.

The newest technology connects you to a security center that is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can have your security system dial out whenever there is an alarm. The system now is able to use wireless technology making it easier than ever to connect. The systems also provide wireless keypads. The keypads are located at the inside of the home near the doors. You use the keypad to program the alarm and to set up features. An option for the keypad is two-way communication with the monitoring center. The speaker lets you communicate no matter where you are located.

The latest feature that people enjoy with the home alarm system is the remote alarm device. The device is a key chain that allows you to set and disarm your alarm with the simple push of a button. In the past one of the reasons homeowners failed to set their alarms was because of the inconvenience of using the keypad. The new key chain device helps ensure that you'll always set the alarm. Also you'll be able to disarm the alarm more easily. One of the main reasons for false alarms used to be that people forgot their codes or were too slow in disarming the unit. The remote device puts an end to that problem.

Besides alarms on your doors and windows you can also choose to have motion sensors. The motion sensors can be set up in zones in your home so that you can arm some areas while still being able to move about in others. This is helpful in large homes or in multi-level homes. Besides calling the monitoring center the system also sounds a high decibel alarm. This is designed to scare off criminals and is loud enough to alert neighbors to a problem.

The latest alarm systems can monitor so much more than just security break-ins. The alarms can be optionally set up to monitor fire or smoke alarms. When the sensor detects smoke or fire the monitoring center is immediately alerted. The fire department can be quickly dispatched saving lives and property. The system can also be hooked up to monitor for carbon monoxide in the same way. Additionally, sensors can be used for water and freezing temperatures. These monitors are perfect for use in vacation homes or places where you aren't always located. Having an alarm system is an affordable and easy way to have total security and ensure that you and your family are always safe.

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The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is a touch screen music gadget which comes with high speed features as well as technologies. It is a fantastic handset designed by Nokia.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is also provided with GPS navigation along with Nokia Maps applications. The stylish gadget comes with 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi technology. It is blessed with a beautiful touch screen. It measures 3.2 inches in size. Also it is provided with a QWERTY keyboard. The screen comes with 640x320 pixel screen resolution. This desirable handset offers a huge array of high quality features which include a music player along with an album art display, a 3.2 mega pixel camera comprising of Carl Zeiss optics and also video recording capabilities. The stylish handset comes with an option of handwriting recognition. This feature helps in the recognition of the letters written.

The stylish handset supports an accelerometer which enables the users to view the screen in both landscape as well as the portrait mode. The screen switches between the portrait and the landscape mode depending on the owner's requirements. The impressive gadget comes with another camera also. This camera is useful if a person is willing to take part in two way video call. During the call one is also able to see the person on the other side of the call. It is a kind of face to face interaction between the callers.

The 3G HSDPA technology provides the facility of enjoying a high Internet connectivity. Also it facilitates a quick transfer of files as well as data. The stylish device is available with Bluetooth that enables an individual to get a wireless connection. The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music works over a quad band technology. It works over four GSM bands and HSDPA coverage. The user is also provided with GPS navigation feature which is a useful feature for the user to enjoy on their mobile phone and it turns the handset into a portable navigation system. The stunning device comes with 81 megabytes of memory. Also it has a memory card slot to extend the memory further. The gadget comprises of built-in video player that can be played in a variety of formats.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is blessed with a 3.2 mega pixel camera. It possesses a flash and auto focus feature. Flash allows an individual to take photos even in darker as well as the duller environments. Nokia mobile phones are very much popular among the people. These are known among the people because of their reliability as well as compatibility. Each handset belonging to this brand is solid, compact and full of user friendly features. The same applies for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. It is also a very com pact and beautiful gadget popular among the series of Nokia mobile phones.

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Blackberry 9500 Storm has a lot to give to its users. It has feather soft touch screen which works on the commands of the fingers of the users. The high resolution display of 3.25 inches gives life to the pictures. It also comes packed with 3G capability that enables you to browse the internet at a rapid pace. The integration of wireless Bluetooth technology and GPRS technique is another major point of concern.

There are some more extraordinary features of this smart phone described below:-

High resolution

This cool design implements the resolution of 480 x 360 pixels and supports the color scheme of about 65 thousand colors to render a tremendous experience of photograph viewing with crystal clarity.
The screen is feather soft to touch. One just has to swipe over the screen to make the things happen.

Keyboard options

The keyboard has multiple options to perform different tasks.
It has different styles of keyboard as:

Predictive (Sure Type)
Multiple key press (Multi-Tap)
One can choose the style of your choice.

Size and Weight

The sizing detail of the handset in length, width and depth is as 112.5 mm, 62 mm and 13 mm respectively and it weighs only 155g including the weight of the battery.

Camera and Video Recorder

The camera of this handset is of 3.2 mega pixels with auto focus, 2x digital zoom and flash.

Expandable memory

It has an inbuilt memory of 1GB and can hold up to 250 songs at a time.
The memory can be further expanded till 16GB with the use of MicroSD; in the extended memory space, one can store about 4000 music tracks.


With the help of HSPDA technology one can browse the net at a fast pace. One can attend the calls while receiving the mails or while browsing the net. One can also download content from the internet and browse as many sites as he/she wants to. One can share emails, pictures with friends and relatives via MMS and emails.

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